Back in 2001 Justin Frankel started working on a release of Winamp:mac as of this writing there is only own known release of it. From what I could tell 0.71 alpha was the only released build of it and it is unknown if newer builds existed inside AOL. All that is really known about this release is contained within a readme file included with the build.

About the development and the supported features

The alpha had bare basic function and lacked much of the advanced features that made the windows version what it was. Core playback was there with the signature interface, basic mpeg audio support, and network streaming along with some mac centric additions. The todo section lists many things that needed adding such as id3 tag support, preferences, themes/plug-ins and more.

Planned features that were never added

While what's there works amazingly well even over a decade after its release it does make me wonder why the project wasn't further pursued. Was it pressure from AOL to kill the project? We will never know what happened. There is a mac variant of Winamp now days but that is not related to Justin's work from 2001 since the current mac development seems to have started years after them shutting down Nullsoft.

If you know where to look online or know someone with a copy you can try this piece of history out yourself. Of course that is provided you own an old school PPC mac running Mac OS  8.5 or better.

Check out the full readme: View Document

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