SaskTel Archive
A digitized archive of the documentation provided with new SaskTel internet installs through the time.
Old Computers
From dumb terminals (now thin clients) to the early generation desktop computers a brief history of a long gone period of time.
Adaptec ReZoom
A new generation of PC protection products has evolved because business users recognize the importance of system availability. If you can't open documents, print files, or send email because your system is down, tape backup copies of your files are of limited value. The ability to open documents, log on to the network, and stay productive is far more precious in today's fast paced business environment.
Palm OS Easter Eggs
An Easter Egg is a secret feature or function of a software application designed to amuse. A popular use for software easter eggs is for the developers of a product to hide their names inside the application, making the user go through strange menus and clicks to uncover them. Luckily, we've uncovered a whole bunch of Easter Eggs for you! What a nice surprise!
iSpin was a windows like application launcher for Palm OS. Quite a few years ago the developers chose to abandon the product. Long since then the site has been shut down and official downloads are long gone.

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