This is a script for the Internet Relay Chat Client mIRC.

Now first to answer the question “what the hell does it do then?”

When you type “/apps” without “” in the mIRC console it calls a Dynamic link library file to ask explorer.exe for a list of all the filenames for programs that is running in your taskbar.

It then crosschecks the filenames with a ini file that changes the names. Let’s for example say that it makes the filename that originally is “mirc.exe” to “mIRC” and so on.

Why do I need it?

Why did you make it?

Because this type of script is featured in another IRC client called Linkinus. Some Apple fanboys meant that mIRC did not have the power to offer the same features. This annoyed me so I made this script to prove them wrong.


Change Log
3.0 - Initial release on site

mIRC v6.35 or newer

Alex Sørlie : Creator, Initial apps.ini
KtecK (Kevin): Submission Management,New ideas

Download File
Script Version: 3.0, List Version: 3.0

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