It is always sad looking back at what you once had... For example when scanning old photos in I found these two shots of my old setup. What makes the picture even more sad is that I don't live there any more. Anyway it is a quite typical setup.... HP Deskjet 600c Printer,Proview 14" crt, Koss speakers,Tons of floppys around,5.25 Floppy Drive, qic80 Tape drive, mitsumi scroll mouse on main machine.Tandy 12" green screen cga monitor,datatrain keyboard, dexa mouse on the old tandy. It's amazing how I remembered so much about that setup... Now that hp deskjet was HELL to refill but I kept it going for a far bit of time after my dad passed on to a new printer.

As per the OS's they ran...: On Main Desk: Tower on desk I believe was Win98 (Right) and tower on floor (Left) i believe was Win 3.11 for workgroups, On 2nd desk: The Tandy 1000 (A crappy hybrid 286 with 8bit isa slots and cga graphics) obviously runs dos/Tandy deskmate. What is interesting to see is how i achieved two machines on one desk... I couldn't do that on my current desk since they are not at the same level.

Well that's all for now.... Enjoy the pictures posted below :)

Main Desk
Old Desk - Main

Second Desk
Old Desk - Second Desk

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