Many new users of the Internet are unaware of the dangers of this modern World Wide Web. Often, they will use weak information for password resets, using same password on multiple sites and other non-secure things.

In the wake of nearly losing some accounts due to a password that got in the wild, I have changed my whole view on Online security. I fell victim to the weakness of repeating passwords and nearly lost Steam and Gmail -- and did lose two other accounts. I knew I had to do mass password changing to save from losing more accounts and was in a scramble to find a secure solution. Then I found KeePass (Windows)/ KeePassX (Mac OS X/Linux), a secure password management application. I use AES encryption to store the saved information. Its other key feature was an integrated secure password manager.

So, I decided to go all random on every site/service Online... that is right! Each site has its own secure password. That way if one site gets compromised, they only get the login for that site -- not the login for multiple sites. It was a good, long two days of password changing... now that it's all changed over, it is not that bad. :)

As convenient as it is to use the same password on multiple sites, it is not secure and could lead to easy account theft on multiple sites. KeePass (Windows)/ KeePassX (Mac OS X/Linux) has saved me. I hope this can help others. It was HELL... but all is well now (except the loss of two site logins).

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