This was written for Intel Mac… it may not work on PPC Mac.

This guide will help you make a bootable Recovery Drive with recovery tools and the ability to install your Mac OS X from the external drive.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any lost files, damaged hardware, or any other damage resulting from the use of this tutorial; back up any important files just in case. Use of this guide is at your own discretion.

1. Get the required items:

2. Download the tools:

3. Make the Recovery Drive bootable:

Note: This involves formating... make sure you have backup of all files on another drive.

  1. Plug in the external drive and turn it on
  2. Open Disk Utility
  3. Select the drive you have inserted in the list on the left side
    (Select the actual device not the mounted volume)
  4. Click the Options… button
  5. Select GUID Partition Table and click OK
  6. Select the Partition tab
  7. Select 3 Partitions Volume Scheme
  8. Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) for each and click Partition
    1. Make the first partition 8,00 GB and set the name as Mac OS X Install DVD
    2. Make the second partition 14.13 GB and name it as Recovery Boot
    3. Make the third partition the remaining space on your external drive and name it as Recovery Data
  9. Once it is all done the external volume should now be partitioned correctly for booting

4. Prepare install disc partition

  1. Insert your Mac OS X Install DVD
  2. Open Disk Utility
  3. Select the dvd named Mac OS X Install DVD and click the New Image button
  4. Select a destination and click on Save
  5. Select Restore
  6. Click Image... and browse to the dmg file you created.
  7. Drag the Mac OS X Install DVD partition to the destination box and press Restore
  8. When it's done you will have a bootable Mac OS X Install DVD partition

5. Install Mac OS X 10.5 on Recovery Drive:

  1. Insert your Mac OS X Install DVD
  2. While in finder select Go menu and select Go To Folder...
  3. Extract Install Mac OS and run the extracted Mac OS X Install
  4. Click Continue to progress to next screen
  5. Click Continue to agree to license
  6. Select your Recovery Boot partition you set up earlier and click Continue
  7. Click Customize and deselect all the optional items ( Only Essential System Software is selected )
  8. Click Install and follow through the install process
  9. Quit the Installer

6. Do 2nd stage of Mac OS X 10.5 install:

  1. Get your TechTools Deluxe install CD and any other software install discs handy
  2. Print out these instructions (this blog post)
  3. Restart and hold Option and select Recovery Boot then press enter when prompted to select boot drive.
    (First boot will be slow)
  4. Follow through the first boot welcome setup

7. Configure your Recovery Drive:

  1. Install TechTools Deluxe
  2. Copy the Mac OS X 10.5 Install loader you extracted earlier from your internal drive to the Recovery Boot folder on Recovery Boot
  3. Do updates to make sure the OS X install is safe and stable
  4. Install any drivers you need
    (Mighty Mouse, Cordless Keyboard)
  5. Add Install Mac OS X to the dock for easy access to the install
  6. Copy any apps from your internal mac drive to the Applications folder on the external drive
  7. Customize the the install to the way you like it
    (I put the most common utilities and such on my dock)

8. Installing Mac OS X from Recovery Drive

  1. Restart and hold Option and select Recovery Boot then press enter when prompted to select boot drive.
  2. Once booted to your Recovery Drive run the Install Mac OS X dock entry you added in earlier steps
  3. Run install as usual

Use of this article in whole or part is forbidden by law. Should you wish to use this article please contact the author for permission.

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