Old and New

All through time eventually companys hit a point of cutting costs to make a bigger profit... but that cost cutting can have major side effects if they take it too far. For example the lower cost as it is Logitech OEM Wheel mouse. I have been getting these for years and the source of them has recently started selling them for higher price.

I will be doing a point by point comparison of key points/flaws of the old and new design.

Old Design

Old proven design

The key points of the old design are:

  • Multi part scroll wheel assembly
  • socketed cable hookup

Wheel Design

  • Rubber wheel with plastic spokes to track via optical sensors
  • Wheel on plastic support assembly
  • Wheel is on oiled peg with metal click feed back support on left and spring support on right
  • multi part wheel assembly clicks down in a preset position to click button

New Design

New broken design

The key points of the new design are:

  • Metal Weight in top
  • all in one plastic wheel assembly with thin coating of rubber
  • hard wired mouse cable

Wheel Design

  • all in one plastic wheel assembly with thin rubber coating
  • Wheel assembly supported by two poorly fastened support posts
  • lower cost scroll sensor that relies on the center of wheel assembly having contact with sensor

Overall this design sucks and broke after one drop and now the wheel is dead.

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