Total Commander ( ) is a windows port of the Norton Commander dos file manager... it has gone through many revisions expanding and enhancing its feature set. The 7.0 release added Secure FTP,Updated user interface, Multi-rename-tool, More options in copy overwrite dialog but one thing it was missing was integration in the XP AutoPlay menu.

Heres how to add Total Commander to the XP AutoPlay menu... I am currently looking into how to do it in vista.

1. Download and run Tweak UI from Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP site

2. go to My Computer -> AutoPlay -> Handlers

3. Click the Create button

4. Click Change Program... button

5. Browse to where you got Total Commander installed and select TOTALCMD.EXE

6. Enter <description> as "Open folder to view files" and <program name> as "Total Commander"
7. Tick these Supported Media selections: Mixed Content,CD Audio,DVD,Music Files,Video Files,Digital Images

8. Press Apply button

9. Press OK button

10. Test your newly set Total Commander AutoPlay handler by plugging in a usb flash drive

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