Most game systems to date have emulators but there is one that for longest time which has been without decently usable emulation. The original Microsoft Xbox is now really starting to get to the point where emulation is viable. There is currently two major projects tackling the task with Xemu taking the LLE (Low Level Emulation) route and Cxbx-Reloaded taking the HLE (High Level Emulation) route. Both of these emulators got their hits and misses on compatibility but over all are running a decent amount of retail games.

This tests goal was to see how well DoomX and xDuke ran on Xemu and the result was rather interesting. Windows while being the most accessible to more users currently has more issues due to outstanding timing issues on windows in the qemu project which is used as the base of of the emulation. Linux for most part is the most ideal platform to run the emulator on as qemu runs without the timing issue there.


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