Wordpress Blog Retired

It has been decided to retire the wordpress blog and move select content over to site. Not all content is moved over yet but more is being worked on over time.

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Retired content restored for download
The retired content has been restored to download but the unsupported status still dont change. Read More
Retired Projects

Some of my older projects have been retired and remove from site.  The retired projects are as follows...

From Android section: Kustom Kream for GSM Nexus S, Kustom Jelly for GSM Nexus S, Kustom Jelly for HSDPA+ Galaxy Nexus, Kustom Ginger for Nextbook Premium 7, Kustom Kream for Nextbook Premium 7, Kustom Kream for Nextbook Premium 7 SE, Kustom Kream Lite for Cyanogen Mod

From previously archived projects: Gregarius Themes, Garry's Mod 10 Icon Pack, Garrysmod Folder Copier, Install Mac OS X loader, Restart Finder, Restart Dock

As much as i'd love to keep every project around forever storage isn't infinite and I am no longer able to maintain some of them any more.

View the details on the Retired Projects page to see the reasons for each project.

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2013 Redesign

The new 2013 site redesign is now live and should provide somewhat easier useability along with a shorter more symbolic domain. All existing bookmarks/favorites should keep working but be sure to update them to  http://kibmcz.ca  to make sure they will work should the forwarders fail.

If you got any comments or feedback about the changes please be sure to let me know on the contact  page .

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All roms for Nextbook premium 7 and Nextbook premium 7 SE discontinued


Thanks to everyone who supported me but I hate to have to say this but I got a opportunity to get a like new 32gb Nexus 7 for a decent price but sadly I had to sell my Nextbook premium 7 & Nextbook premium 7 SE. It has been fun supporting you wonderful users and i'm hoping i can find someone else to continue my legacy.

As of current there will be no more updates since I'm no longer able to test changes and I can't consciously release updates without testing them.

P.S. If someone is interested in taking over this rom please contact me and let me know.

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Kustom Jelly for HSDPA+ Galaxy Nexus version 1.1 released


Kustom Jelly for HSDPA+ Galaxy Nexus has been updated to version 1.1 with the following changes... Updated to 4.2.2 (JDQ39), Updated included apps (FileManager, Torch, Titanium Backup, Nova Launcher) .

Download it on its page @   Kustom Jelly for HSDPA+ Galaxy Nexus

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Site Reorg

Site has been cleaned up and reorganized as a result some content has been removed. For the most part it's all there but in different sections.

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Added iSpin 1.8 Downloads


 Ever since demise of the TapTarget site I have been waiting to release this on site... Well it seems they are gone forever.

Grab your copy  here  :)

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New page... Palm OS Easter Eggs

Reborn from downloaded archive of http://www2.zansstuff.com:5190/palmegg.htm the  Palm OS Easter Eggs  page is born :)

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Site Relaunch

Welcome to the relaunch of my site.. back to the good ol way it use to be. Videos now contains  all my videos not link backs to youtube and  much much more.

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