Back before there were USB/FireWire external storage drives, people used to back up their computer systems to tape drives... I remember days of tape backup back when I used qic-80 and tr-1 tapes on my PC. I found this in the case for an old tape:

3m front 3m front 001

Tape backup is still used, but has improved since the '80s... to many companies, tape backup is still preferred.

I have recently found my old Qic-80 tape backup system... It consists of 14 120mb tapes and 1 400mb. That beast was sure was a loud beast... but it beat backing up to floppy disks. I also used Direct Tape Access... it let you use the tape drive just like a floppy drive (SLOW floppy drive. Here are some pictures i took of the system (whats left of it). I will also be reviving the old system in a P233 and recording video at a later date... stay tuned :).

Colorado Jumbo 250 Tape Drive


Tape Software

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