Originally started as my online home back in the 90s on the long since shutdown Geocities with many moves over the years and ever evolving content. Some ideas didn't last that long, yet others stuck around and are being improved on over time. Some content eventually has an end of life due to supportability sadly. Currently in the works is a content refresh which will result in some content going away and some new content.  While not being active over the years perhaps this is the year that changes.


  • Unified downloads on single page whith per item download link on the respective pages being maintained
  • Select content from retired blog was merged into articles section
  • iSpin 1.8 download updated to include the themes by others from the publishers old long gone site
  • Android related projects removed due to ability to support them and they were for long since outdated products
  • Garry's Mod related projects removed due to them no longer being needed any more

More to come in the months to come :)

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