The ethics of jailbreaking

Posted by Kevin on 03.16.2009

Ever since Apple released the iPhone and then later the iPod Touch users wanted more control. Back in the firmware 1.x days all apple allowed you to to officially do was web apps via safari and thats where the jailbreaks came in.Some smart people found out ways to make apps that ran on the mobile OS X and found ways to solve the needing of more space on the Springboard. Of course this was a two way battle since apple kept trying to kill it via firmware updates and that sill goes on today.

Recently the 2nd Gen iPod Touch got full jailbreak capability and I decided to try it on my own ipod and over all it works good. Now to go over the details... aka: The ethics of jailbreaking.

Note: the term Legal here is used in a loose way since jailbreak breaks the apple SLA

Legal Uses

  • Use any carrier via unlock (only possible after jailbreak)
  • Freedom to do what you want with your device
  • Install any app you want even ones not approved by Apple
  • Unlimited supply of apps that usually denied by Apple
  • Themes
  • Tweak the OS to run as you like it
  • Run multiple apps at once
  • Copy and paste
  • Play media files without syncing
  • Download any file to the device
  • Hide apps you don't want to see in your Springboard
  • Root file system access
  • Use of restricted apis
  • Direct access to hardware and ports
  • Much, Much, Much more :)

Non Legal Uses

  • Installing Cracked apps
  • Cracking of apps
  • Mobile hacking

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