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Posted by Kevin Crowston on Jun 08 2007
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Why is NAS (Network Attached Storage) important? It is important for off-PC backup. Should something happen to your PC, the backed-up data on the NAS system is safe. One advantage this setup has over the pre-built systems is the customizable setup. I have one of those mini boxes and its near useless. my DLink DNS-120 can't even handle large files and is only USB 1.1. That was the whole reason for this project.

Ever wanted to have your own dedicated NAS system but didn't want to spend much money? If you've got an older PC that you don't use anymore, you may be able to repurpose it for network storage. You can use almost any older generation ATX PC... Celeron 500 or faster with 512mb RAM works. The faster the better.

My goal was to turn some spare parts into a working, usable NAS box. The parts i used for my NAS storage was: Generic Black ATX case, older generation ECS motherboard, Celeron 500 CPU, 512mb RAM, 4gb hard drive (boot drive), 60gb hard drive (storage drive), and my old Liteon CD-RW drive. My initial setup used Ubuntu Linux but had file permission issues so I switched to XP. It's a bit of an art making XP run smoothly on a Celeron 500 with 512mb RAM.

If you are on more of a budget and can't afford a Windows license for your NAS system, it's fairly simple to set up Ubuntu Linux as the operating system. It's all personal preference whether you use Windows or Linux - either way, it will still work.

One important thing is to set up remote access since you won't have a monitor, keyboard, or mouse attached to the system. I personally prefer the use of UltraVNC over Remote Desktop since it has less system overhead. If you choose the Linux route, VNC is the only way.

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