This is a archive of the  internet connection manual given by SaskTel given in 1995.


The internet is a collection of computer networks, all over the world, all
connected together to form a network of networks, or "internetwork." It
developed from the need for educational, scientific, and military institutes to be
able to share information resources and computer data.
More recently, commercial interests have become the driving force in the
development and direction of the internet. It is no longer simply a
communications network, but has become the new media, the television of the
nineties. Like television, the internet provides a multimedia environment that
communicates, informs, and entertains. But internet adds another dimension to
television: the ability to interact and react. Email, telnet, usenet newsgroups, ftp,
WWW. All of these give the audience the ability to let their voices be heard -
sometimes literally - through the internet.
The Canadian network portion of the internet is called CA *Net. Like the transCanada
highway, CA *Net runs the length of the country, connecting all the
provinces into one network, which is, in tum, connected to other networks,
forming the internet.

Revsion: 1.0

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