Duke Nukem 3D Hires Pack
Hires texture pack for existing Duke Nukem 3d .GRP file. Includes the jfduke3d port.
(Requires a demo or registered duke3d.grp file)

JonoF's Duke Nukem 3D Port
A Duke Nukem 3D port from the released 3drealms duke3d source code.
(Requires a demo or registered duke3d.grp file)

Duke3D Atomic Edition Source
Source code to Atomic Edition of Duke Nukem 3D (duke3d.exe,setup.exe).
(Requires a demo or registered duke3d.grp file and the skill to work with the source code)

Planet Half-life
A site dedicated to everything Half-Life,Half-Life 2 and their related mods.

Classic Games

Blake Stone Aliens Of Gold
Not the sequel to Wolfenstein 3-D, that honour was given to Spear of Destiny. However, it was the next one in line after that. And although it used the Wolf3D engine, it had many additional features and an entirely different scenario. Two registered Blake Stone sets were released - Aliens Of Gold and Planet Strike.


Gameboy 97
Gameboy Emulator

Apple Win
Apple II Emulator

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