Replace gnome-screensaver with xscreensaver on Debian 5.0

As many of us hate change it happens.... for me it was when Gnome decided to use their own screensaver daemon /preferences app. After  a while i found a guide on how to replace gnome-screensaver with xscreensaver. I have adapted the guide i have been using for years for use on the newly released Debian 5.0.

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Fun with QuickBasic for Mac

For the fun of it I ported my dos simulation basic program from applesoft basic to Microsoft Quickbasic for Mac... There are quite a few differences to get over. The result of this was far more clean and tidy code too... feel free to port it back to applesoft for the fun of it. Even tho it looks less impressive/not good enough to fool anyone im releasing it anyway :)

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Fun with applesoft basic

Back in the day basic was the common way to enter games and programs into your computer... sure there was floppys, and tapes but they were commonly used to store basic programs. You could buy programs for your chosen computer platform but where was the fun in that :)

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The rise and fall of Palm
There was a time when the pda market  was new... Apple was the original leader of the pda market. In 1989 Apple started work on the newton under the lead of John Sculley. In fact the term PDA or Personal Digital Assistant was coined by apple .You may ask what this has to do with palm but it has alot to do with it since the Newton even tho it was largely successful it was big and clunky. Read More
Mac OS X 10.5 Recovery Drive

This was written for Intel Mac… it may not work on PPC Mac.

This guide will help you make a bootable Recovery Drive with recovery tools and the ability to install your Mac OS X from the external drive.

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Tray Icon Hiding… Where Did It Come From?

You all have used this feature of Windows XP and Vista at one point or another… and you now would be lost without it. Let’s take a look at tray icon hiding… Where did it come from? Who did Microsoft copy? Who came first?

On Windows 2000 i used an app called Effective Desktop and it let me do tray icon hiding and more… well I recently installed it again on a older Win2k machine and noticed some odd similarities between Effective Desktop and XP tray icon hiding. Well Effective Desktop 1.0 was released on June 13, 2001 and XP was released on October 25, 2001… so it looks like they somehow acqured the rights to bundle a updated version of Effective Desktop in XP.

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Beware! Domain Name Registry Scam Continues
Originally posted at KtecK Blog - Syndicated on November 26th, 2006 (My old blog)
If you own a domain name, some time prior to renew, you may received a letter in the mail from a company called the Domain Registry of Canada, Domain Registry of America, Domain Registry of Europe and possibility other such names. I just got one of these letters today, November 25, 2006. The letter looks like an official invoice with your personal contact information and name of your expiring domain(s). Read More
How To: Speedy Vista
One thing about Vista that made me keep going back to xp was the fact it ate lots of cpu/memory... It's amazing what bloat can be called a feature. I did this as a challenge to make Vista Buisness run good on my older computer. One requirement was that i had to get a decent FPS in source based games. Note: This requires a full Vista dvd.... if your pc only has a restore dvd it may work since some OEMs use customized vista dvds. Read More
How To: Fix Clicky Scroll Wheel

I love the scroll wheel on my logitech mice.... but sadly some of the ones i got have a noisy clicky scroll wheel. This guide mainly applys to the Logitech Optical Scroll Mouse (OEM model).. but should work with most logitech mice... Opening instrutions will be different but the wheel assembly is the same.

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Mac Backup - Part 2: Backup & Recovery (Intel Mac)

This was written for Intel Mac... it may not work on PPC Mac.

This guide continues where I left off in part 1 . This post covers backup and recovery of your Mac using SuperDuper!

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