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What resellers are saying about ReZOOM

"I have tried ReZOOM in my work environment and it works great! Right after the install in my test group, we had an issue where one of the workstations lost some of the system files for a special load. With the help of ReZOOM, we had the system back up and running in production within a few minutes."

"I recently received a phone call from a user, and was told their workstation would not boot. After some questioning, it appeared that they had installed some kind of shareware software that had made several changes to the system registry, upon reboot, they system just hung. Having installed ReZOOM a few days prior, I was able to instruct the user to just boot from the secondary drive and have it repair the primary drive. The user was back up and running within a matter of minutes. ReZOOM saved my people and my customer valuable time."

George Seto, CompuCom Systems


"I think the ReZOOM Program is a great program and concept. For years we have protected servers with the use of Raid, duplexing and mirroring technologies. Now we can offer this level of fault tolerant protection for the workstation, plus the ability to remain productive while the computer is being repaired. Add the reputation of the Adaptec name and the reliability of Adaptec products and you have a software package that can be sold with confidence."

Bob Currie, SenQuest


"While testing ReZOOM, we experienced a hard drive failure. It was later determined there were bad sectors in the area that Windows was residing. After one false start, ReZOOM was able to fix the primary hard drive, and restore all data. No IS support was available that day and still the computer was returned to full operation!"

Gunther Helms, Ranger Computers


"Although we like to hear from our customers often, we really don't like the bitter taste that they get when we tell them there data was lost due to their lack of backing up. ReZOOM should eliminate that call and thats good for everybody."

Daniel Freedman, DPI of Maryland


"After working with several different systems, I find that ReZOOM is a very effective means of protecting valuable data. With an easy to use interface, anyone can configure this software to protect his system. Adaptec has proven to me that they are concerned with the quality of their product and will do what it takes to provide bug free software."

David Kitchens, MCRS Computer Sales & Service


"This is the easiest to use, fast recovery backup software I have seen yet. This is a great idea for small businesses."

Roger Schanz, Easy Way Electronics


"To all the people at Adaptec thank you. Software has always lagged hardware - ReZOOM is providing a much needed catch-up. A business is information, and a business would be lost without backup, and until now there were only limited ways. ReZOOM has shown me there is a way - just push a button! Its a perfect backup, saving time and money. This is my first testimonial ever in 35 years of working in the electronics business/computer and networking.. ReZOOM moves me to wave the checkered flag. Its a WINNER! ReZOOM will be in every computer soon - I'm sure of that. But best of all I have something to offer my clients, something to put both our minds at ease. In closing I say today there is no backup answer - Tomorrow there is REZOOM."

Mark Kelly, Computers and networking inc.


The ReZOOM product I have been testing will be an inexpensive insurance policy for any customers with mission critical data where 100% uptime is a MUST. 5 minutes to re-boot and your back in business on the ReZOOM mirror drive.

I have not seen your pricing information yet but Im sure it will be far less than the $1000s of dollars it would cost to install a RAID array to perform the same functions.

ReZOOM runs very unobtrusively in the background taking advantage of the idle time of the computer to perform back-ups.

The e-mail is a nice feature to advise that something has gone wrong with the system. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface.

In closing I would not hesitate to recommend ReZOOM to anyone seeking to protect their data and increase uptime on their computers.


Stu Thomas, P. C. Connection


"The product was loaded on as many as five computers. I did not have any problems. The hard drives were EIDE, IDE, and SCSI. I feel this program will be ideal for small to medium size companies as a duplex type system."

Richard Shaffer, Compu America, Inc.

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