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Key Benefits
Why ReZOOM is Better
System Requirements
Package Includes


All-in-one solution: backup, instant recovery and repair
Works automatically in the background to protect your data and productivity
Instantly restarts PC from a bootable backup drive
Built-in repair wizard fixes common Windows problems
Backup to any bootable SCSI or IDE drive


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Without your PC, where would you be? That's why you need ReZOOM. It's more than just a better way to back up data. ReZOOM instantly overcomes system crashes, and it repairs software and virus problems. ReZOOM assures you uninterrupted access to vital business files, email and Internet resources. It's all-in-one PC protection to keep you working productively.

key benefits

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Hassle-Free, Intelligent Data Protection

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ReZOOM runs automatically, in the background, backing up files while you work, during idle time or on a schedule you specify. It's so fast and easy, you'll never notice it backing up your data. And ReZOOM won't backup more troubles for you. It automatically checks for software problems and viruses--and corrects them--before saving data to your backup drive.

Flexible Configuration

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Even smaller drives can work as a backup disk.

You can use any spare IDE or SCSI drive as a backup disk. Even smaller drives can work with ReZOOM, allowing you to selectively back up your most critical data. An on-screen icon guides you through fitting files to the space available on your backup disk. You select what files to protect--ReZOOM does the rest.

One-Keystroke Recovery

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Using a second hard disk drive, ReZOOM transparently maintains a copy of your critical system, application and data files. If Windows� won't start, ReZOOM can instantly boot your computer from the backup disk with just one keystroke. It's a "spare engine" for your PC that gets you back up and running at full speed with your vital data and applications intact.

Effortless System Repair

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No more reinstalling Windows or waiting for technical support. ReZOOM can fix your primary drive or restore your system in the event of a software problem. ReZOOM's repair wizard automatically checks for boot blocks, checks file allocation tables, identifies missing or damaged system files, and more. Instant recovery is always just a keystroke away, with ReZOOM.

Why ReZOOM Is Better...

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Why ReZOOM Is Better... ReZOOM Mirroring Tape Backup Internet Backup Image Backup
One keystroke boot from backup disk
  • Uninterrupted access to e-mail, critical documents and applications
YES No No No No
Built-in repair wizard
  • Fix software problems without restoring
YES No No No No
Special filters/virus check protect system files
  • Won't copy system conflicts to backup drive
YES No No** No** No
Works with any pairing of drives
  • Mix/match IDE or SCSI
YES No* Yes NA Yes
Annual cost of ownership¥
  • Includes hardware and administrative costs/fees
LOW High Med High Med

* NT Mirroring requires equal or larger slave device
** Virus Check Only
¥ Installation, training, support, maintenance, and infrastructure

system requirements

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What You Need:

  • PC running Windows® 95, Windows® 98 or Windows NT® workstation 4.0
  • 16 MB free hard disk space for minimum installation
  • Second dedicated hard disk drive: SCSI or IDE



Package Size: 10" H x 8" W x 2-1/2" D
Weight: 16 ounces
UPC: 7 60884 13425 2

package includes

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CD-ROM with easy-install software

User's Guide

Emergency Boot disk

ReZOOM Update disk


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