Originally started as my home on the web KComputer Zone now features much more... computer gallery, various tidbits of information on multiple topics, articles I write.

In the early start of the lifecasting boom i started making desktop widgets for ustream feeds... that sub-project has evolved over time and grown to have its own site... you can check it out at  http://streamdesk.ca.

The computer help section has also evolved to its own site too.. you can find it at  http://kteck.ca.

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Kteck,  Kteck Tech Blog,  StreamDesk


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The new 2013 site redesign is now live and should provide somewhat easier useability along with a shorter more symbolic domain. All existing bookmarks/favorites should keep working but be sure to update them to  http://kibmcz.ca to make sure they will work should the forwarders fail.

If you got any comments or feedback about the changes please be sure to let me know on the contact  page.

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Site has been cleaned up and reorganized as a result some content has been removed. For the most part it's all there but in different sections.

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 Ever since demise of the TapTarget site I have been waiting to release this on site... Well it seems they are gone forever.

Grab your copy  here :)

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Reborn from downloaded archive of http://www2.zansstuff.com:5190/palmegg.htm the  Palm OS Easter Eggs page is born :)

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Welcome to the relaunch of my site.. back to the good ol way it use to be. Videos now contains  all my videos not link backs to youtube and  much much more.

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